4 steps to get the VisiTax receipt to visit Cancun

Mexico is one of the most popular destinations for tourists around the world. This country is well known and frequented by travelers thanks to its city Cancun. It is a beautiful city with white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, attracting nearly the million tourists each year. However, given the popularity of this city today, before entering it, it is necessary to obtain the VisiTax receipt, a recently introduced government requirement. In this article, you will discover four steps to obtain your VisiTax receipt, which will allow you to fully enjoy your stay in Cancun.

Correctly understanding the VisiTax receipt

Before beginning the application process to visit Cancun, it is essential that you correctly understand what the VisiTax receipt is. For more information on obtaining a VisiTax receipt, please click on visitax.eu. Indeed, it is an electronic document newly introduced by the Mexican government. It aims to show that tourists have paid the tourist tax giving access to Cancun. 
This document is also referred to as Tourism Resource Use Rights. Thus, this tax was introduced to support the continued development of infrastructure. For example, it contributes to the maintenance of beaches, national parks, historic sites and recreational facilities.

Possess necessary documents

The second step to get your VisiTax receipt is to prepare the necessary documents for your trip. Thus, for any traveler who would like to visit any country, he must have a valid passport. So make sure you have a valid passport as it is a basic document that verifies your identity and nationality. 
Then, since the VisiTax receipt request is done online, you must have a valid credit card. This will allow you to easily pay the application fees. It is also necessary that you check the spending limits of this card to ensure that you can cover the necessary charges. Also have at hand the necessary information on where you will be staying during your stay in Cancun.

Apply online

Once you have all the necessary documents, you can proceed with the online application to obtain your VisiTax receipt. This simple and practical step can be carried out by visiting the official Mexican government website specially dedicated to this procedure. On this user-friendly platform, you will be asked to fill out an online form with your personal information. 
So be sure to provide accurate information, such as your name, date of birth and passport number. Then check that all the data is correct. This could ensure that your request is processed smoothly and save you from any delays or possible problems. Once you have completed the form accurately, you can submit your application and wait for your VisiTax receipt to be received.

Pay the tax and receive your VisiTax receipt

After submitting your application, you will be required to pay the required tourist tax. For this, you can use your credit card to make the payment online. Make sure your payment information is correct and complete to avoid any issues. Once you have successfully made the payment, you will immediately receive your VisiTax receipt by email. 
Try to print a hard copy of this receipt and have it with you on your trip to Cancun. This paper copy of your VisiTax receipt must be made, as it will remain your proof of payment of the tourist tax. When you arrive in Cancun, you must present this receipt to the relevant authorities. This will just prove that you have paid the required tax.