Bandits kidnap more than 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria

On Friday morning, bandits have kidnapped more than 300 kids from a school in Northern Nigeria. In what is now becoming a routine, armed bandits are targeting children for Ransom. 

Armed men kidnapped school children in Northern Nigeria 

Heavily masked gunmen have kidnapped about 320 girls in the northern region of Nigerian. The kidnap was carried out in Zamfara state late in the night. The Nigerian police have said this is the second time such incidence will happen in 12 days. Sulaiman Tanau Anko hm, Zamfara commissioner of information, has spoken to reporters that unknown bandits have kidnapped more than 300 girls at night. 

The Jangebe Government school was thrown into chaos as these heavily armed men stormed the school with trucks. '' Two of my children were among the kidnapped, and the authorities said about 300 of the kids were kidnapped '' Násíru Abdul, one of the parents spoke through tears.

Even though various calls were made to security officials they didn't arrive till about two hours after the bandits left. 

Bandits operated for more than two hours without security response 

'' According to reliable sources, they arrived by midnight and kidnapped those girls for more than three hours. Nasarawa Has been one of the Northern states attacked by bandits, who attacked and ransacked villages. '' 

According to Ahmed Idris a reporter for Reuters. The northern region of the country has continued to face continuous attacks from gunmen who have decided to use kids as a bargaining chip. 

The northern region of the country has been targeted in recent times by armed bandits who choose these kids as soft spots. They are kidnapped and the government is asked to pay a ransom before they are released. Security experts have warned the government from negotiating with these men to avoid them coming back. The Nigerian government has asked military and spiritual leaders to help in bringing back the kids.