Canada approves Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine to boost health campaigns

Finally, the Canadian government has approved the AstraZeneca vaccine for emergency use. However, critics have slammed the government for its slow response to vaccines. 

Canada approves Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for use 

Canadian health regulator has finally approved the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and other variants by the Serum Institute of India to accelerate getting rid of the virus in the country. The vaccines were approved under a fresh Canadian order system that provides for quick approval which mimics the one used by the American FDA. 

The Canadian government has asked to be supplied with more than 25 million doses of this vaccine by AstraZeneca and will likely receive 2 million doses via the COVAX initiative before June. Canadian regulators say the vaccine is for all adults and the potency saw in adults aged 60 and above was very assuring. 

They carried out successful trials in Germany using mainly adults below 60.'' Generally, there are no cogent health concerns and the jabs worked perfectly on all volunteers“ Health Canada said. It gave a potent percentage of 63%. 

Canada has already approved Pfizer-BioNTech and Modena 

The country had approved vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna last year but had been hesitant about the usage of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. Also, the US is yet to approve the Oxford vaccine while the European Union has given the green light. The pharmaceutical firm has promised to deliver most of the ordered vaccines before June. The Canadian government has come under heavy criticism over the slow handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. Ross Ray, a resident of Quebec'' 

Canada has not made use of its proximity and relationship with the US well. The US vaccination program has been going on well, but it seems the Trudeau-led administration doesn't know what to do''. Though the infected rate in Canada is low, the government has issued a lockdown till further notice.