How do you find a lost dog?

If your dog gets lost or wanders away from home, your first instinct will probably be to panic. But you must remain calm and act immediately if you hope to find your pet. Through this article, here are some tips that can help you find a lost dog.

Always update your dog's identification

Before your dog even has a chance to get lost, make sure that it can be easily identified. Any lost pet has a better chance of being returned if it is always wearing a collar with an identification tag that includes the owner's current name, address, and phone number. Pets should also be microchipped for permanent identification. You can visit website for more information on this. This is a small chip embedded under the skin that can be easily scanned by veterinarians, animal shelters and law enforcement. The chip tells anyone who scans it who the pet belongs to and how to come in contact with it, and it can't fall off like a collar.

Call animal shelters, animal control, veterinary offices and law enforcement

Advance notice is essential to getting your dog back safely. Hours count, so act immediately if your dog is reported missing. Contact the local animal shelter and animal control authorities. Submit a lost pet report to any animal shelter within a 100-mile radius or more. Most animal shelters will take a lost pet report by phone. It helps when you can send them a color photo of your dog. Be sure to give them an accurate description.

Use lost dog websites and apps

Use the internet to expand your search. There are websites that may be able to help you. Also, special apps for lost dogs, are extremely helpful in finding your lost puppy these days. Some apps will help you create flyers, and other apps can use facial recognition software to search the internet for photos of your lost dog that may have been posted by someone else.