How to prepare for a job interview ?

You have just submitted your CV and a job application to a local company. After a long waiting period, you have been contacted. It is the joy. But soon, you panic and you stress at the idea of your job interview. This is perfectly normal, but take a deep breath and follow these steps to face the interview like a professional and land the job.

Research the company

This is the first step in preparing for your job interview. You need to know the company inside and out. Imagine yourself in front of the recruiter and he asks you what products you sell? As a candidate, you must know the answer. If you don't have a clue, you will be taken as a joker and as someone who is not serious. That's why you need to do some research on the internet. The name of the founder of the company, the turnover per year that the company produces, the geographical location of the parent company... must be known. This will maximize your chances of acceptance to the position. Master them and look these up.

Be natural, truthful

At the company, you must be as natural as possible. Your training, diplomas, professional qualifications... must be discussed during the interview. You must not lie. Be honest. If you do not master a language, please inform the recruiter. The elements mentioned in your CV should be known, that is why you should not lie. You risk confusing and contradicting yourself. Explain your professional project if you are asked to do so. You should also present yourself in appropriate clothing. Avoid make-up that is too flashy if you are a woman. Also avoid tight-fitting outfits, you are not going to a party. Don't talk too fast and don't talk too slow. Look the person you are talking to in the eye. Don't bring up compensation until you are asked. Be careful with this question as well. Do everything possible to arrive on time on the day of your job interview. Punctuality is a golden rule.