Medical repatriation: when is it necessary?

At any time, a person's state of health can change. Often, a medical emergency occurs during a cruise or a ski trip. Although no one likes to get sick, these situations can happen at any time, especially abroad. In this situation, a medical repatriation is necessary for a quick intervention.

Reasons why medical repatriation is important

There are several reasons why medical repatriation is necessary. You can find more information on this website. Often when a person falls ill while on holiday abroad and wishes to be treated locally. Also, when qualified care is not available in a country, the patient may decide to travel urgently for health reasons. There are also certain situations that may also require medical repatriation.

Which method of medical repatriation should be chosen?

There are a variety of medical repatriation methods you can choose from. Here are the methods available.

Medical repatriation by air ambulance

A private jet or air ambulance is made available to a patient depending on their medical condition. These ambulances are equipped with the latest medical equipment and help provide the necessary or possible care during the flight. With this private jet, the best care is made available to patients.

Medical repatriation on commercial flights

Commercial flight repatriation is one of the most appropriate and inexpensive methods you can choose for emergency medical travel. A patient can choose this method if he/she can be transported lying down. Throughout the emergency health trip, patients are provided with quality care. The medical staff accompanying the patient has the necessary experience to provide emergency care.

Who can benefit from medical repatriation?

Medical repatriation is open to anyone who is covered by health insurance. However, some companies do not offer this service. If your insurance does not cover this service, you must pay for it yourself.