National health center sued over data firm contract

The NHS has been sued for dealing with a secretive tech firm. Palantir, the firm has been accused of data theft issues and not transparent. 

The group accused NHS of dubious tech contracts 

The NHS is facing legal action over some contracts with a US tech firm, Palantir. According to a group known as Open Democracy, it had sued the Health service for its shady dealings over public medical data. The group also accused Palantir of lobbying a high-ranking NHS officer over some watermelon cocktails. Palantir has regularly been targeted by many secret campaigners. 

The company's main function is to review large volumes of information from government and private firms. Palantir has been labeled a secretive company which was founded with the backing of the CIA in 2002. It has been linked with efforts to get information on illegal migrants in the US recently. The firm has a visible presence in the UK for some time and employs thousands of employees. 

Palantir is an espionage firm-Open Democracy 

It all started with their involvement with the NHS in February 2020 with other reputable tech firms. It is an attempt to show how to utilize resources using a 'data store' of medical information. However, open democracy has said that Palantir is a secretive espionage technology company with other objectives. 

They are very critical of the contract extension they signed with NHS which is valued at $25 million. They argued that the deal was for a short while and what warranted the extension. Open Democracy said that Palantir is not transparent in its dealings and its connection with the NHS has put a lot of huge question marks on its credibility. 

However, while Palantir hasn't made a public comment about the issue, a company source says the firm hasn't done anything wrong and is carrying out its duties legally.