President Biden comes under-fire has he orders missile into Syria

The first military order by the Biden government has destroyed bases in Syria. However, some Islamic nations have slammed him for violating a resolution rule. 

President Joe Biden orders strike against military bases in Syria 

 The president of the US Joe Biden has approved military raids into Eastern Syria. This has drawn criticism from various quarters in the Middle East. According to a statement by the US army, they have carried out a missile strike in some facilities in Syria which are used by Iran-supported rebels. 

The rebels had earlier attacked US facilities in Iraq. The US military raids were necessary and meant to reduce the situation in Syria. According to John Kirby, the strikes were precise and successful. Many political analysts have said this is similar to what transpired during the reign of President Donald Trump who responded to attacks on Iraqi coalition forces that had killed General Qassem Soleimani.

Biden has a similar military response with Donald Trump - Iranian professor 

According to Sayyid Mohammed, a professor in literature, he said both Biden and Trump were birds of a feather. The Iranian foreign minister had a close discussion with the Syrian government shortly after the strike. 'Both Iran and Syria have warned that western nations do not abide by the UN security council resolution on Syria and that things could get messy '. 

America has since been accused of military attacks on Muslim-led states like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. Critics say that the US doesn't abide by rules and flexes its weapons on nations that can't attack back. They have also said the military actions don't have a specific aim and have brought more sorrows than solutions.

A good example is Libya where dictator Gaddafi was slain, and his death has torn the nation apart with many insurgent attacks carried out daily. However, US officials have said that army raids were necessary to keep the peace.