Some different methods of making a handpan

A handpan is the most recognized traditional musical instrument of all. With these different sounds it emits, it reduces the rate of weakness on your brain. However, it is clear that you are curious about the different methods of making this musical instrument. Your satisfaction on the subject in this article.

Using shells

The handpan is an instrument made from a flat sheet of steel with which the manufacturer can form or deform to finally have the desired shape. The manufacture of the latter leads to obtaining the hulls thanks to several techniques used by the manufacturer. You have companies that have the handpan for sale for you to discover the wonders of the various melodies of this one. The use of shells is the first thing to do to successfully manufacture a handpan.

The manual hammering method

As we hear, it is done manually, that is to say with the hand. Since it is done by hand, that is a perfect reason to say that she is able to take enough time for her success. This method is the only way that allows the instrument to emit different sounds.

Spun Shells Method

It is a technique that is done with a unique machine capable of having the shape of the hull. With the latter, you can turn all sides of the steel and mold it the way you want. The only tool capable of achieving this is the buck. It is placed in the center of the steel sheet which is previously in rotation of this one, but exerts a pressure around the steel to finally obtain the hull.

The Deep Drawn Shells Method

It is a technique that uses a mold with which a hydraulic force is exerted which in turn will bulge the steel sheet. It allows to define the thickness of the plate to obtain a perfect handpan which could emit a better sound. En savoir plus sur ce texte sourceVous devez indiquer le texte source pour obtenir des informations supplémentaires Envoyer des commentaires Panneaux latéraux