The passion of soccer

Nervousness, excitement, jumping for joy… Watching a soccer game has health effects that are good for you and yours: watching it with friends or family is very emotional, allowing you to bond with the people playing together. The stimuli that pass through the senses (screams, hugs, gestures of encouragement) mobilize a series of substances in the nervous system that modulate our sensations and put us in extreme states of euphoria. So, imagine the state in which the young people will be who after seeing their idols decide to play too. What will they get out of it?

How is soccer beneficial to health?

With this sport, young people learn to commit to their team, work together and see the results in the accomplishments they make together, either by winning a game or by seeing how they become better players. On the other hand, playing soccer under rules teaches them the importance of having rules and knowing how to follow them. Later on they will become great players whose news will be known to the whole world thanks to Through team play, young soccer players have the opportunity to connect with their teammates on and off the field, build friendships with different people and expand their social circle. The sense of belonging to a group increases social skills and has a positive impact on the player's emotional stability.

Psychological benefits

- Companionship, responsibility, and the desire to improve help with emotional development. 

- It improves logical ability, helps one think quickly and make decisions in a more agile manner. 

- It helps to relate to people of the same age, sharing effort, victories, and defeats together. 

- It encourages discipline, routine and healthy competitiveness. 

- Relieves stress, improves sleep and combats possible anxiety or depression. 

- It avoids spending too much time on passive activities like watching TV, playing video games and practicing digital disconnection almost daily for a few hours. 

- Improves concentration levels. 

- Improves adaptability to change.