Tiny houses: new ways to live

In an increasingly saturated and urbanized world, innovative housing perspectives are emerging. These are makeshift dwellings, but which have the necessary assets for housing. And it must be said that these alternatives meet a real adherence by the populations. Here is how these new small houses look like.

Turnkey housing       

These new forms of housing are dwellings of minimum dimensions with all the necessary features. Their particularity is that they are fully equipped and ready to live in. To get the news, browse this platform from top to bottom. 

Turnkey properties like tiny houses are very popular forms of housing nowadays for both buyers and investors. Real estate agents make them their best sources of income. They are delivered between 30 000 euros and 70 000 euros depending on the range of the housing. 



For the do-it-yourselfers, it is very easy today to launch out in a construction by themselves. This solution presents several positive aspects on the architectural and financial levels. Indeed, it is one of the cheapest ways to get your house according to your own needs. 

The possibility of building a house at your own convenience is an idea that encourages many people. The advantage is also that you can adapt to your budget. But it must be recognized that these are often projects that require a lot of involvement, time and willpower.


The structures alone

This is also one of the current trends in the purchase of real estate. It simply consists in buying a house or a small house in an empty state. This solution is obviously super cheap. 

But now you will have to allocate a minimum budget to the equipment before it is fit for habitation. You need 25,000 to 30,000 euros to afford a house shell.

Basically, the real estate market has adapted to the desires of buyers and the realities of life. The new means of housing are very useful alternatives for buyers. The increase in demand in this direction is proof of this innovative revolution in real estate.