Tomatoes and strawberries are good for your health

In these more than special times, it is easy to get bored and depressed, and it is becoming more and more difficult to have daily activities that will keep our minds busy and entertained. We had the great idea to start gardening, why not join us?

Why gardening?

Before you say that our idea is crazy and decide that you prefer the comfort of your home where you can make yourself more comfortable with this website let us explain to you all the benefits that gardening can have on your mind and spirit. In addition to allowing you to enjoy the sun and to clean your lungs, gardening will give you a deep sense of satisfaction when you see your plants growing properly. In addition to being a natural anti-depressant, gardening allows you to have a little regular exercise because gardening is not just planting, but it is a lot of work every day so that you can see the fruit of your hard work.

Cherry tomato

Who among us can sincerely declare not to melt in front of a beautiful plate of cherry tomato salad and cheese imagine the pride you would feel if the tomatoes of your salad came directly from your garden? Whether it is outside in your garden or inside in your apartment you can grow cherry tomatoes properly with a bit of patience and work you'll have the most beautiful tomatoes in the whole neighborhood.


Do you have chocolate in your fridge right now? Well, what more reason do you need to melt it and enjoy it with good strawberries? If you don't have any, this is the perfect reason to start growing your strawberries. Although growing strawberries requires a little more work and presence of mind than growing tomatoes, it is not impossible and can be done indoors for those who live in apartments without a garden. So, what are you waiting for to grow your fruits and vegetables? are you waiting for to grow your own fruits and vegetables