What to do to be cultivated?

Knowledge rules the world. The more knowledge you have the more relevant you are. And to get that knowledge you need to be cultivated. Now the question is how to be cultivated? We offer you here the things to do to be cultivated so keep on reading this article to miss none of them.

What to do to be cultivated: Be well informed. 

If you will be cultivated, then you must try this out: being well informed. Someone who is cultivated is knowledgeable or at least familiar with arts, current events or history. It means that he has some consistent information in those areas. 

To be well informed, you must be awarded of what happens not only in your place but also in the world. You can come through this by the means of:

•             The news papers. They inform you on a daily basis with true information. You can also to do through their websites where you will find the information you’re looking for but also extra information which is good for one who wants to be cultivated. 

•             TV Channels’ websites. They provide processed information. It means that the information has been checked and analyzed before being spread. 

•             Social medias. If you want to be well informed about the life of a celebrity then his social media pages are the easiest way to get that. Just follow him on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. 

What to do to be cultivated: Check the information. 

There are a lot of fake news especially on internet. If you don’t pay attention you will come back with only wrong news. Here are our advices to check your information.

•             Use the facts checking sites like Snopes, PolitiFact, Fact Check and BBC Reality Check.

•             Check the source

•             Check the author

•             Check other sources

•             Check the comments