What to do when you find a lost dog

You may come across a dog in the street or in your garden that does not belong to you and is therefore lost. The right thing to do in such a situation is to return the animal to its owner. But when it comes to returning a lost pet, there are two possible situations and the right thing to do in each case is different. Find out about these two cases here.

First case: the dog has identification

Dogs are usually collared and they usually contain the owner's contact information. You can click on read this for more information on dog collars. When you open the dog collar and find the contact, call the owner and notify them that their dog is with you. Together you will decide where the dog will be returned. Some dog collars instead of containing a written contact have a QR code. In this case, you will have to scan the code with your smartphone to get in touch with the owner. But if the dog refuses to be approached, the implementation of this solution will be complicated, but you can however use another technique.

Second case: the dog does not have identification

Unfortunately, not all dogs have collars that allow them to be identified. If you come across a dog like this, you should first stay with it where you found it, its owner would probably be looking for it. If after a long wait no one comes, take the dog to a vet. He will be able to check if the dog has a microchip which can be used to locate the owner. You can also contact the police and inform them of your discovery. By contacting these two professional bodies, you can be sure that the dog will be returned to its owner without any doubt. It should be noted, however, that not all dogs found on the street are lost.