Why do business managers engage in agile transformation?


The IT organisation of a company affects the quality of work of the employees. Positive changes should be made to improve it. It is with this in mind that the person in charge of managing a company can initiate an agile transformation. This is a process of reorganising the IT system with many advantages.

The ability to adapt to variations

In business, change happens quite quickly. Some resources for successful agile transformation are given after the click. Integrating new data is easier if the IT organisation anticipates variations. This is the point of agile transformation, as it prepares the way for all necessary changes. 

Some of the norms of how employees work can be challenged. And following a diagnosis, they will be restructured. Even predefined strategies are not exempt from transformation. In other words, efforts are made to keep the company in step with digital advances. 

Employee empowerment

With a broader vision, each worker becomes less dependent. Instead of being in constant expectation of directives, they take the initiative. He decides for himself with a way of looking at things that he is not the only one to have. It is shared with his whole team.

 This allows him to understand what he perceives and to assume each of his decisions. These decisions are made after collective communication. If everyone sees things in the same way, productivity increases. Each team member starts to play a score without reference to the hierarchy. 

Improved collaboration

The entire work group is mobilised to carry out actions collectively. Each task is carried out efficiently. Exchanges between colleagues adjust the different visions to arrive at a common conception of the problem. 

Nevertheless, the tools for collaboration are very important. The agile transformation will have to take this into account. It is an imperative that positively influences productivity. This is why it is necessary to remain patient in the transformation to bring the elements together in order to obtain the results.