Wie findet man eine Btob-E-Mail?

How to find a btob email? 
An effective consistency in outbound marketing strategy is BtoB prospecting. When you find a company to show your product or service to, you just have to find the right contact person in the company. Finding a btob email is a sure way to get in touch with your prospect. But how to find it? This article will give you the answer.

Use Findthatlead and Anymailfinder

These two tools Findthatlead and Anymailfinder are qualified to get quality emails with the name of the person, the company, but also using keywords, sectors and locations. To find email btob, Findthatlead will allow you to go as far as determining the management of the prospects found. 
Also, with Anymailfinder, you have the possibility to have all the emails unable to be totally checked in a free way. To do this, you only have to pay for the emails that are already checked. Most of these tools have a free version for testing purposes.

Use Manageo and LinkedIn

Manageo is one of the highly qualified tools to find a btob email. When you test repeatedly, the database is frequently updated with the names of the contacts. It shows the name of the CEO and the operational managers of each department. Likewise, Manageo gives you the link to the company's LinkedIn profile, which allows you to have the different information. 
As for LinkedIn, it is an experienced social network that is mainly used to improve the quality of a company, but also to apply, do business and recruit. Its easy-to-use operation offers a quick access to find all the names and profiles of all the staff of a company. To do so, you just have to access directly the prospect's website which, under the homepage, lists the company's LinkedIn profile. You can also put the name of the company in the search bar of LinkedIn to have all the necessary data. 
Btob email is an important channel for many online activities. However, the ways to find it are not to be ignored either.